Advice for New Grandparents

Finally, your son or daughter now has a baby! Congratulations! You might have been waiting for this for quite a while. With this change comes joy and a new role for you to play in life. Here’s some advice for new grandparents that’ll make you someone both your child and your grandchild will always love and appreciate.

4 Pieces of Advice for New Grandparents

Make the Relationship Stress-Free

It is the birth of a brand new baby and an addition to the family. Of course, every family member will want to rush in and take care of the new baby in one way or the other. As new grandparents, make sure to keep your peace. Simply wait to be invited until you come in and try to help the new parents as much as possible. For this, they would be grateful. Do not stress out or order the new parents around, as that would simply add to the stress they are already feeling. By keeping a safe yet respectful distance, you can offer support without stepping on any toes or mishandling any relationships with your kids or grandkids.

Be a Great Listener

Try not to stress the new parents with your own rules on parenting. Another great piece of advice for new grandparents is to let the new parents raise their child the way they want to. Allow them to experiment freely. If they are simply talking about how they want to feed their child or pat him or her to bed, it should be on their terms. If you are asked about your opinions, you could simply tell them how you feel and be calm about it. Never be an “I told you so” grandparent. This is because everyone needs to learn their own lessons – even in parenting.

Don’t Over-Shop

With all the joy you will feel when a new grandbaby is in your life, as helpful advice for new grandparents, you may want to avoid buying as many baby goodies you can find. Instead, it is best to make inquiries to the new parents on what they desire for their new baby. The number of toys to be purchased and the number of baby clothes should be a decision made by the new parents before shopping begins. This helps in also adjusting the relationship between you, your child, and their new child.

Relax about Bonding with the New Grandbaby

As it is said, expectations hurt when they are not realized. You could imagine carrying your grandchild, and he or she would be so happy to be in your arms. But it might not occur that way. The new baby could cry or be uncomfortable when you carry them. So, it is best to simply let the bond between you and the new grandbaby be as natural as possible. Do not try to force the bond between you two, because that would only make matters worse. Simple be your loving, happy self and watch how your new grandchild is excited to be in your arms. For starters, try being an observant grandparent and letting the new parents take care of the baby. You can document their journey by writing down memories, baby developmental firsts, and taking photos to remember this special time.

Be the best most positive, respectful, and supportive grandparent you can be. But also, be careful to know how to react with your own grown child and give him or her space when it is necessary.