Annual Flowers vs. Perennial Flowers: What’s best for you?

Flowers are an essential part of landscaping; They are a certain kind of beauty to your landscape that is second to none. If you do not know how to maintain flowers or care for your landscape, it is advisable that you get a landscaping company (like my favorite Nashville landscaping company) to help you with this.

Basically, all flowers or flowering plants have relatively identical life cycles. The essential difference is the time within which the life cycle completes. Perennial plants are those that love for up to 3 years and above; annual plants are those that complete their life cycle within a year. In our opinion, there is no objective superior between annual flowers and perennial flowers, which is best is very relative. Depending on your circumstance, perennial flowers might be the ones that are best suited for you, or if your circumstance is adjusted, annual flowers might be the best for you. To stave off conflict, you might want to integrate both categories of flowers into your garden. You could as well contact landscaping companies to help you with this difficulty. However, we are going to try to explore both categories of flowers in order to help you decide which is best for you.

Annual Flowers

As already stated, annual flowers are those that germinate, grow blossom, and die within one season, usually a year or a couple of months. They have a number of benefits, but those benefits could be disadvantages to you depending on what you desire. Annual flowers include some of our favorites like Snow Princess and Sweet Alyssum.

Some of the reasons you might want to choose an annual flower to include:

  • They could help you pace yourself; Since these flowers complete their life cycle within a year, they are great for helping you pace yourself so you can experiment and know what you like. With these flowers, you don’t have to commit to gardening for a very long time; they can help you experiment.
  • You can also use animal flowers as fillers; this means that you might have a garden that is already well established but might have a few bare spots. You can use annual flowers to cover these spots and give a refreshing look to your established garden.
  • Adding animal flowers to your vegetable garden can help stimulate more production of edible crops, this is because even when your edible crops are not flowering, the annual flowers could attract pollinators, and this would be good when the edible crop starts flowering.
  • Quick satisfaction, because the life cycle of annual flowers is so short they can provide satisfaction to you early because they would bloom faster than perennial flowers. This way, the beauty of your garden sets in very fast, and you see it within a season, unlike when you use perennial flowers, and you have to wait maybe years before you get to see the actual flowers bloom.
  • They bloom more: One unique thing about annual flowers is that they bloom ferociously; they are perhaps the flowers that bloom the most out of every category. It is like they put all their essence into blooming because perhaps they would die after blooming.

Perennial Flowers

These are flowers that last for longer than three years; their life cycle usually doesn’t terminate within three years. They are usually more durable plants and they bloom and rebloom year after year. Most perennial flowers bloom just one season in the year, although some can bloom several times in a year. If you grow them in the right environment, perennial flowers could last for years and years, possibly decades. They don’t last forever, though. The attention you give to a specific perennial flower depends on that perennial flower; some need a lot of attention while others do not.

You might want to choose them because:

  • Long term, they are more cost-effective.
  • They usually don’t require so much attention and care.
  • They can help you keep a long-term commitment to gardening.