Best Herbs for Seniors

Aging comes with different kinds of health issues. These health issues include different kinds of pains in different parts of the body. In a bid to mitigate and control these problems they start to try out different medications. Many people even tend to forget that herbs and spices work best in most cases. You might be wondering which of these herbs and spices would best for seniors. Here are a few and what they can do.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is one herb that is quite undermined. Though rampant, many persons do not know the value and health advantages of the herb. As a result, many seniors walk past it while still in search of a solution to their medical problem. 

What can aloe vera do?

Aloe vera is a nutritious herb. Not only that, it is a healing herb. This herb is also of great benefit to the digestive tract. For seniors who have developed the leaky gut syndrome, aloe vera can help it heal. Daily adding a cap of aloe vera to juice or water before consumption can help coat the digestive tract and aid further healing.


The spice ginger is another spice that many tend to avoid probably because of the smell. However, this should not be so because the health benefits are numerous. For example, ginger helps to elevate stomach upset and nausea in seniors. It also aids the body in absorbing nutrients. Ginger also aids digestion where a senior is experiencing indigestion. For easier consumption and to mitigate the smell that comes with raw consumption, add it to your meals during the preparation process. You can also add ginger to smoothies or even tea during preparation, or crystallized ginger.


Garlic supplements are also very important herbs for seniors. It is consumed in different ways. While many chew it raw, others prefer to have it in their meals. Garlic has amazing advantages. Some of which includes:

  • It helps to lower blood pressure
  • It eradicates cold
  • It lowers cholesterol in the human body
  • It fights pneumonia.

To consume, you can add to meals while preparing them. It can even be used as a flavor during the preparation of meals.


This is another spice that does a lot both in and out of the human body. While many persons use turmeric for skin care products and other skincare routines, turmeric does a lot more.

Turmeric contains antioxidants. This antioxidant can do a lot of things in a senior’s body. One of these is that it helps to get rid of toxins and other accumulated waste in the body.

To consume, turmeric can be added to rice as a seasoning, it can be added to chicken when preparing in order to enhance the flavor. It can also be added to pepper in order to make it more effective. With turmeric, you can be certain of healthy meals and a healthy body. 

So, do not hold back from using these herbs and spices while taking care of your loved ones because they protect the immune system in general.