Best Solitary Games

No one likes being bored. No one. It is said that an idle man is a devil’s workshop. So this article is going to talk about some of the best Solitary games. Solitary refers to quiet, being on one’s own, creating one’s space. You understand right.

The games I would be talking about are the types that you could play with on your devices. Because it is known, when people are bored, you can find them scrolling through Twitter, Instagram, or pass the time playing a mobile game. These games I’ll talk about can be played on both Android and Apple devices. Some of them are created for smartphones, not just tablets. Almost all of them are free to use to play. Some of them have options to gain access to more modes, unlock different upgrades, remove ads too. Yeah, I know you love that last option. None of us likes ads, even the creator of the ads.


Best Solitary Games 

  • Dots 

This is a free Apple and Android game. It is a very simple game, in this game, the screen has about thirty-six dots that have very different colors. The goal here is to connect these dots. You can do this by simply drawing a line between dots that are like blue to blue, red to red. When you do this, you earn points and you get to clear those dots off the screen of your device. You can connect these dots sideways, down, and up but you can’t do so diagonally. The more dots you can connect in an uninterrupted swipe, the bigger points you need to get. As you clear out the chains of these dots. More different dots could drop down into a nice grid from the top of the screen.

This is a maze fun like exercise. It lets you make use of the same strategy as you scratch the matching puzzle game itch.


  • Threes

This is a free Apple and Android game. If you’ve heard of 2048 before, that requests that you move cards around a four board. This way, you can push all cards into one another and then you get to add their numbers. That’s the game. By swiping these cards in the four directions cardinally around the board and adding up the values you’ll get. The aim is to hit the goal.

Well, threes fans keep saying that players who love 2048 are missing out. Threes works like 2048 but it has a nice board which you could play with. New cards normally appear in empty spaces. Then you can put in new values. You’ll see a value of 1 or 2, it is your job to merge it and get the number 3.


  • Solitaire 

Everyone knows how Solitaire works, it’s a card game that everyone enjoys. Works very well if you simply want to relax, play with your cards and have some fun on your own. Have fun as you enjoy your solitude.