Best Songs for an Exercise CD for Seniors

Are you a workout lover looking to spice up your workout routine? Or have you gotten bored of having the same old songs play over and over again and want to know which songs are out there that could give you a great work out experience? Well, your search has come to a halt, because here is a list of really amazing songs you can burn to an exercise CD for seniors.

Workout sessions can be exhausting sometimes you’ll need some sort of motivation while you’re at it. Having a terrific song play in the background does not only motivate you to work out longer, but it also makes the workout session more fun. The knowledge that you will end up with a perfectly toned body may not be a good long term source of motivation, which is why you’ll need a list of great songs to nudge you on.

Below are some of the best workout songs listed below. Most of these songs do not only have great sound, but they also come with amazing lyrics that will motivate you to work hard on achieving a healthy body.

5 Fun Workout Songs

Destiny’s Child – Survivor: This is an example of a really amazing song for working out with its highly motivational lyrics.

Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough: The title of this song already does justice to what it will help you achieve. It is a great song with amazing lyrics.

Beyoncé – Single Ladies: Although this song addresses females, it is a really good song to help you move your body along with its great rhythm.

Eminem ­– Lose Yourself: This hit will work for almost any occasion but it works best for workouts. You should incorporate it into your workout routine.

Shakira – Whenever, Wherever: This fun track will get your hips moving, and it’s a hit at any Zumba or spin cycle gym class. Plus, there are more Shakira songs for a jogging session.

These are some really amazing songs for an exercise CDs for seniors (or anyone wanting to work out). And while you’re at it, be sure to take nutritional supplements from Kirkman and DaVinci Labs to maintain your health as you age.