Cholesterol Guidelines for Seniors

Hello seniors. It is us again. Today we are here to gain guidelines on managing your cholesterol levels. Don’t get us wrong. Everyone needs to watch out for their cholesterol levels. But today, we are here to take care of you and only you. We want you to live better, live longer and have a healthier view of life.


How to Help Seniors meet the Appropriate Cholesterol Levels

For seniors to meet the appropriate guidelines for their cholesterol, they should change or follow the regulations below;

  • Smoking is a No-No

Having a high cholesterol level is a highly negative effect of smoking. Irrespective of your age, no one is ever too old to stop smoking. Whenever you know this and understand the importance of not smoking, you would love to give it up.


  • Consume more vegetables and fruits 

You should consume a higher amount of leafy greens. Cabbages, for example, are great at reducing unnecessarily high cholesterol levels.


  • You need to consume the right type of fat. 

Completely forget about red meat, processed foods, and dairy products with very high fat in them. It would be best if you ate things that have healthy fats. These things include olive oil, avocados, and nuts. These would help you avoid Trans fats and saturated fat. These are two very high contributors to high cholesterol.

You should get a higher amount of fatty acids. These are essential nutrients that could be found in flaxseed, tuna, and salmon. These help in raising healthy cholesterol levels. These are also found in supplements.


  • Don’t forget about your exercise. 

You should get at least thirty minutes of moderate exercise daily. These types of exercise include walking or moving, or dancing around. This helps in reducing cholesterol levels. There must be a type of exercise you love. Just do it for your well-being and to keep your cholesterol level healthy.


  • Take your drugs 

There are a lot of Americans that make use of statins to reduce their level of cholesterol. These medications help in getting rid of cholesterol which is not healthy for the body effectively and efficiently. These have little to zero side effects.

No one is too old to stop making habits and to create a better one. Making changes to lifestyle and taking drugs could always help seniors get rid of horrible problems. It would also help them to enjoy the beautiful years of their lives.

These are the reasons as a senior. It would be best if you live healthy and happy. Wouldn’t you like your partner or your grandkids to come and see how happy, peaceful, and grateful you are living? You need to remain healthy and alive and serve as a great source of inspiration for your beautiful grandchildren. Never forget that they need you to be healthy. It would be best if you were healthy. Your friends, family, loved ones, partner, relatives all need your cholesterol levels to remain healthy. If you don’t want it healthy for you, please do it for those who love you.