Cowboy Hat Rack Woodworking Plans and Design Tips

It is important to keep all your accessories in an organized manner, including those gorgeous collectible cowboy hats you love.

A lot of hats can be stored in a cowboy hat rack. Freestanding hat racks are suitable in an environment or at homes where there are a lot of people living. You could also mount them on the wall to manage space.

This article will help you in selecting lovely cowboy hat rack woodworking plans and design options.

Cowboy Hat Rack Woodworking Plans and Options

Wooden Hat Rack

This is a DIY hat rack arranged with the beauty of nature. It features branches of wood in their original state, but they have a smooth and polished structure. If these hat racks are out in your entry hall, you’ll end up getting a cottage cool décor feel.

Free Standing Hat Rack

A free-standing hat rack is a necessary addition to your entryway. It is created to hold about 20 hats. It has a clean and cool design. It appeals to everyone who looks at it – both woodworking masters and enthusiasts.

This awesome metal construction is durable and has a finishing black neutral color. The rack gives enough space for each of the hats to be comfortable and to prevent the hats from losing their original size.

It has a lot of hooks for hats, coats, and so much more. It is a wonderful addition to your hallway, lobby, and all other interiors that are needed.

You don’t need to get a very tall cowboy hat rack. Look for cowboy hat rack woodworking plans about 4 feet high. These are great if you have young ones around, or if you don’t desire a tall cowboy hat rack in your home. Smaller hat racks do not seem like serious furniture in the house.

However, if you want to even more draw attention to your hat rack, then get the taller types that stand around 6 feet high.

Vintage Hat Rack

You could also make use of vintage hat rack. You could easily hang your cowboy hats and every other accessory there and feel good about yourself.

Freestanding Coat Hanger

This is crafted with materials made of wood with finishing touches of white and glossy brown. They have different forms of simple very tall trees that have standing ones of round bases.

What cowboy hat rack woodworking plans will you choose?