Fun & Easy Crafts for Seniors

When you find a hobby, life can be more fun! Keep reading to learn about some interesting crafts for seniors that can keep you engaged and entertained.

4 Fun & Easy Crafts for Seniors

1. Colored Bead Wind Chimes: For this, you should already have some wind chimes on hand.Then take some beads in various hues such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, magenta, turquoise, white, black, and purple. String them together in a thread. Fold the thread such that one set of wind chimes overlaps with the other. Now hang them below some hinge-like structure. When the wind blows, the beads make a sound that is different than ordinary wind chimes which are even interesting.

2. Button bowl: Blow a medium-sized round balloon. Stick buttons of various colors on it with a good-quality glue, but not glue that is too strong. The buttons will take shape of a half-sphere or a bowl shape. Once you are sure that the glue has dried, prick the balloon and slowly peel it away from the inner surface of the half sphere. What remains is a cool button bowl!

3. Paper Flowers: Cut art paper pieces in the shape of petals. Fold their lower ends such that they touch each other. Cut out 5 to 6 such paper petals. Take a straw or a thin aluminum string and wrap it with craft paper. Now paste those petals, one by one to the string on its one end.

4. Glass Painting: The most interesting of all crafts for seniors on the list. You are going to need some old glasses and glass colors. Use a special painting brush made for glass colors to paint the surfaces of the glass either from the inside or outside. Or you can alternately apply them inside and outside.

We hope you will have an enjoyable time trying these crafts for seniors.