Crazy Crafts You Can Make for Under $10

If you are a senior on the internet right now, you are needed. Thank you. So today, I’ll be talking about some crazy Crafts too could make under ten dollars. Awesome right. Anyone could make these too. Apart from the fact that these crafts are simple, they are cheap and entertaining to drive. Let’s begin.


List of crazy Crafts You Can Make for Under $10   

  • Step Stool Makeover

You could easily jazz up your essential step stools using some tassel love and scrapbook paper. It is elementary to do.

  • Make a Golden Snake Vase for Buds 

You would not believe that this snake was nothing but a rubber snake purchased at the dollar store. But you can change how it looks and make it look so beautiful.

  • Lamp Tassels

Everyone loves having a fabulous lamp tassel. You would love them more after you dress up your lamps. These lamp tassels could be made in less than five minutes, costing less than ten dollars.

  • Mohawk Lollipop Holder

Everyone does not love this. But if you have this craft in your apartment, it would bring up a variety of conversations. It is straightforward to make, and it costs a lot less than ten dollars.

  • Crystal DIY Knobs 

Various people enjoy making fantastic hardware for furniture. These crystal DIY knobs are a lot of people’s favorites.

  • Glittered Mason Jars

Another wonderful thing about these great mason jars that are glittered is that they are incredibly versatile. They also make beautiful lanterns and vases.

  • Faux Malachite Tray

Almost everyone enjoys and loves malachite. But not those cumbersome ones that have high price tags attached to them. There are malachite trays that come for a low price that’s less than ten dollars.

  • Crystal DIY Magnets 

These great crystal magnets would serve as a tremendous gift for your female friends. It was so cheap. You could do it for less than ten dollars.

  • Golden Snake Bowl

This is another beautiful snake home accessory that could be used to reside in the dollar store aisle. It is effortless to make, a fun craft that costs less than ten dollars.

  • Crystal Lamp Finials

It is pronounced that you need to have a lot of crystal crafts. That’s why I am mentioning plenty of them in this article.

  • Duck Tape Fringe

Having a little fringe always helps in making things so much better. You could make your very own fringe using a budget duck tape.

  • Holder for your Sunglasses DIY 

These beautiful cute sunglasses holders could help you correctly display your sunglasses and prevent them from falling, breaking, and getting scratches all over them.

  • Selenite DIY Knobs 

Another type of knobs that elders would enjoy also costs less than ten dollars.


With these crazy Crafts listed above, you should have a lot of fun this month and for a minimal price. Enjoy and do this with members of your family.