Easy Macramé Projects

Macramé is an ancient craft that has been used to make new items for centuries. macrame cloth can be made into anything you like, including bracelets and necklaces!

What is Macramé and how is it made?

Macramé (pronounced mak-ruh-may) is a form of textile-making using knotting rather than weaving or knitting. The word macramé is thought to have originated from the Arabic miqrama, meaning “embroidered cloth.”

Macramé can be made with any type of yarn or cord, as long as it is strong enough to support the knots. The most common type of macramé is made with cotton string, but you can also use wool, hemp, jute, or synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester.

To make a basic macramé knot, you will need:

  • 1 length of cord or yarn
  • 1 piece of cardboard or a dowel rod
  • 1 pair of scissors


  1. Cut the cord or yarn to the desired length. The length will depend on what you are making, but a good rule of thumb is to start with a length that is twice the desired finished length.
  2. Tie a knot in one end of the cord to secure it to the cardboard or dowel rod.
  3. Wrap the cord around the cardboard or dowel rod, making sure that the wraps are snug against each other.
  4. Cut the other end of the cord, leaving a tail that is about 6 inches long.
  5. Thread the tail through the wraps, from the back to the front.
  6. Pull the tail tight, and make a knot to secure it in place.
  7. Trim the ends of the cord as desired.

Now you know how to make a basic macramé knot! You can use this knot to make all sorts of macramé projects, from plant hangers to wall hangings.

Macrame Projects for beginners

If you’re new to macramé, start with one of these easy projects. They only use a few basic knots, so they’re perfect for practicing your skills.

Plant hanger

This project is perfect for showing off your favorite plants! All you need is some cord and a pot that fits snugly inside the hanger.

Wall hanging

Macramé wall hangings make beautiful focal points in any room. They’re also easy to make! Start with a simple design, like a diamond or a square, and then get creative with color and texture.


Friendship bracelets are a classic macramé project. Use brightly colored cord to make yours stand out, or try using two colors of cord for a more subdued look.


Macramé knots can be used to create all sorts of jewelry, from dainty necklaces to chunky statement pieces. Get creative with your design, and have fun experimenting with different knots and textures.

Tips for success with your macramé projects

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your macramé projects:

  • Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut your cord or yarn. This will help prevent the fibers from fraying.
  • Be consistent with the size and tightness of your knots. This will give your project a more polished look.
  • When you’re starting a new row of knots, leave a tail that is about 6 inches long. This will make it easier to secure the new row in place.
  • Take your time! Macramé is a relaxing and enjoyable activity, so there’s no need to rush.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to becoming a macramé master in no time!