Fun Champagne Corks Crafts

Did you know that the champagne and wine corks are better for creating extremely beautiful crafts for seniors than just laying useless in your trash can? Would it interest you to find out some of the really cool things you could craft out using a couple of champagne corks that you thought were already useless? Well, here are some examples. And if you are already into the art and want to find out what new things to create with the box of corks lying unused in your room, you’ll find really interesting ideas here.

Why Recycle Corks?

When it comes to crafts and DIY projects, champagne corks offer a really wide range of beautiful ideas and the best part is, you don’t really have to buy them. They came as part of the champagne bottle that you, a friend, or a close relative already bought. Looking at it from the angle of recycling, it is an ideal way to keep the streets clean while keeping your room beautiful. You may have come across some wine cork crafts or you probably have created some yourself but there are several other mind-blowing designs you can craft out using your stash of champagne corks.

Before I take you through the list of these beautiful crafts, I need to let you know (if this is going to be your first time) the needed pieces of equipment to craft out a fine work of art using your wine corks. The pieces of equipment and materials you’ll need are:

·       Champagne or wine corks

·       Ribbons to join the pieces together

·       Permanent marker to color the tips of the corks depending on what craft you’re making

·       Glue to hold the corks together.

Now that you’re clear what supplies and pieces of equipment will be needed to create a stylish craft using your wine corks. Let’s delve straight into the handful of ideas on what to do with those champagne corks.

1. Wine cork pendants: Do you want to add your own work of art to your jewelry box? Then you should consider this really stylish craft. The corks can be cut into different designs and shapes to create the pendant that best suits your style.

2. Wine cork stamps: It can be a really tedious task sometimes looking for the perfect stamps for your pendant, now you don’t have to worry about going through that stress anymore. The bottom of the corks if properly carved can make for a beautiful stamp. You can cut several shapes like the star shape, heart, or any other design that you like.

3. American flag: You want to get a little patriotic, don’t you? Well, with the help of a few permanent markers and some champagne corks you can design the American flag and have it hanging brilliantly on your wall.

4. Christmas tree: This one will look really beautiful sitting on your table as part of your interior decoration. You’ll need a really strong glue to arrange the corks one on top of another or tie them all up with a fine piece of ribbon. You can even get more creative by adding an extra little embellishment like a star to add a great outlook. It is one of the really fun champagne corks crafts that you’ll love to create.

Now you have these great ideas, you should invest your time, and those free corks into something worthwhile.