Group Fitness Activities for Seniors

Fitness activities are awesome for so many reasons, including the development of well-toned muscles, a relaxed mind, confidence, and healthy living. So many times, being in the gym alone without knowing exactly what to do can be demotivating, which is why joining a group of fellow workout lovers will greatly impact how much you will improve – especially senior groups like SilverSneakers and others.

Listed below are some of the benefits of engaging in group fitness activities.

  • Group exercises help to motivate you even more: Working out with several people who are of like minds will help keep you motivated.
  • It helps to promote social bonding: Meeting new people and associating with them based on a mutual target is a great way to bond socially.
  • Group workouts usually have certified trainers: You can enjoy professional instructions from a certified workout coach if you join a group of fellow workout lovers.

Well, now that you know the importance of joining a workout group, let me introduce to you some group fitness activities for seniors.

4 Group Fitness Activities for Seniors

Step Classes

This is also known as step aerobics, and it has to do with stepping up and down on a slightly high platform which could be in a rectangular, circular, or triangular shape. The steps are done in the form of choreography with a song playing in the background. This is a really good fitness activity to do with a group of people as it helps to encourage and motivate you on your journey to a perfectly toned body.

Team Games

Team games are amazing as well as fun. Games and sports are a great way to tone your muscles and bond socially. Team games help you to learn and enjoy the goodness of teamwork. Some really interesting team games you can easily engage in are soccer, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, lawn tennis, table tennis.

The good thing about team games is that you don’t necessarily have to be a pro to participate, in fact, it is a great way to learn about a new sport and also get really good at it.

Aqua Aerobics

This is a great fitness activity for people who have joint pains and most especially, the elderly. Aqua aerobics involve patterned movements inside water to a song. In short, it is a choreography-style fitness activity that is done inside water. It ranks among some of the fun and recommended group fitness activities for seniors.

Circuit Training

This is an interesting workout activity to do with your group. It involves engaging in several workout routines targeting different muscle groups with little rests of usually one minute in between each one. It is not only fun, it is also motivating to do this exercise with a group of people who want to work on the parts of the body that you are also interested in working on. This fitness activity will surely help you build endurance and strength.

These are some really amazing group fitness activities for seniors that even the young ones can also engage in in order to help maintain a healthy lifestyle.