How Can We Help The Aging Population During the COVID 19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a really big impact around the globe in so many ways. In so many countries, older people are experiencing the most threatening health challenges at this time. It is true that all age groups are at high risk of contracting COVID-19, but seniors face the risk of developing serious illness if they contract the disease as a result of physiological implications that come with aging and some other pre-existing health conditions.

Supporting and protecting seniors living in the community should be everyone’s priority. All communities must be supported to help deliver assistance to make sure that these at-risk people have what they need to survive. All aged people should be treated with dignity and respect during this pandemic.

Over 90% of the pandemic-related deaths occur in the elderly. Seniors are also exposed to other chronic illnesses such as hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes. Support the elderly. There are so many ways you can help.

How to Help the Elderly During the Pandemic

·       Do the dishes and the laundry for them.

·       Stop by to help clean up for them.

·       Go to the grocery store, donate canned goods, and/or prepare meals for them.

·       Donate your money or time.

·       Take them to medical appointments.

·       Check in with them to make sure they’re OK.

·       Communicate with them and keep them company by practicing safe social distancing.

·       Show them how to use Zoom and other video conferencing technology.

Caregivers and families are essential parts of the worldwide response to this pandemic. During times of quarantine and isolation, seniors need safe access to nutritious food, money, basic supplies, medicine, and more. Help them stay physically and mentally healthy.

It is very important you maintain a healthy lifestyle while in self-quarantine or in self-isolation. Older ones in some cases are often dependent on support from neighbors, communities, and some other people. Help older people to stay active and maintain a positive attitude.

Always stay connected to older people socially. If keeping your grannie or mom safe means you can’t get close to her, always talk to her on the telephone or through social media. Help seniors to feel safe and not alone.

Social care workers play a very vital role in providing long-term care to aging people. They work in challenging conditions, whether in the community or at the nursing home facilities, and they carry out their work as necessary.

While older people are at higher risk from this COVID 19 pandemic, all of us should strive to act in solidarity to prevent further spread of the virus. In these critical times, we need to support one another and help health care and social care workers to give attention to the elderly and help them reduce depression. When you all support and protect the older people living in the community, it will really make you happy too.