How Do I Get Rid of Fruit Flies at Home?

If you start noticing the constant presence of fruit flies in your home, it could only mean one thing – your fruits are getting spoiled, and you haven’t noticed yet.

But, don’t have to worry about that anymore. Well, that’s if you keep reading this article because soon, you’d be discovering some of the most active ways of getting rid of fruit flies in your home.

1. Make a DIY apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an all-time ingredient used in carrying out most home remedies. Before now, I’m sure that if anyone had mentioned to you that you can create a DIY apple cider vinegar trap for fruit flies you’d never believe, but it’s very possible.


●      Get a container, pour in two tablespoons of ginger, and blend carefully with two tablespoons of sugar, half cup of warm water, coupled with dish soap drops.

●      Ensure that you put your mixture very close to the places that the fruit flies appear most.

●      The aroma of the mixture attracts and traps the fruit flies in it.

2. Employ the use of rotten fruits

Sometimes, in order to trap the fruit flies, you need to get a fruit that is already on the verge of decaying and strategically place it where the fruit flies will easily locate it. Your duty is to be on the watch and kill each of them as they make their way to consume the spoiled fruit.

3. Use old wine to create a trap

Just like the method above, allowing the scent of old wine to fill the nostrils of a fruit fly is one of the best ways of getting it trapped. It’s simple. Locate the area of the home that the fly is mostly located, such as in the kitchen, bathroom, sink, etc., and pour the wine somewhere close and allow them to jump in and get trapped.

4. Introduce hydrogen peroxide

The common places that house flies often tend to find comfort are usually down the drains, which can be found in your bathrooms and kitchen sinks. To quickly get rid of fruit flies through the use of hydrogen, make a mixture of hydrogen and water solution and ensure to pour the solution down your drains. Be consistent with this method and soon enough, you’ll see results.

5. Maintain a clean home environment

One of the surest ways of permanently getting rid of fruit flies in your home is to ensure that you rid your home environment of every speck of dirt. Since that’s what attracts them, you might as well kill the root cause of the attraction.

Fruit flies shouldn’t be found at homes because they are outright pests. Get rid of the fruit flies in your home using these home remedies, and regain your peace.