How Do I Save an Old Cell Phone Pic to the Cloud or My Computer?

We all like to change devices from time to time. Once a new technology is out, or our devices get old or rusty, a swap or upgrade is the only viable option. Upon getting these new devices the challenge some people mostly have is transferring their old data, particularly pictures, from the former device to the new one. The best remedy to solve this dilemma is uploading to the cloud or to your computer’s hard drive (also known as “My Computer”). Keep reading to find out how to save an old cell phone pic that you’d like to keep safe.

What is the Cloud?

The cloud is an online storage system that holds a vast amount of information belonging to different users. However, every user has a unique id and user password to access his or her own cloud space or account. A user can save up data of all kind on the unique cloud account by simply logging into the account with a username and password, and then uploading the info to store from the device with the data to the cloud. The process is quite simple and straightforward as we shall soon see.

What is “My Computer”?

This is a Windows feature that was added to the Windows ’95 Program. It is a default folder that allows you to manage all the drives liked to a particular PC. Data can also be lodged from the “My Computer” panel using various methods ranging from the “send to” option to the “cut or copy and paste.” The procedure is quite easy.

Simple Steps to Save an Old Cellphone Pic to the Cloud

1.     Activate Data Connectivity

If you want to do anything on the cloud, you must have a working internet connection; the reason being that the cloud is an online storage drive.

2.     Log into Your Cloud Account

After activating data connection, you must ensure you’re logged in to your cloud account before you can proceed. It is better if you’re logged in with the device having the picture you wish to upload.

3.     Select the Photo(s)

Once you’re logged in, go to your gallery or photo folder on the device, mark the photo and select share from the options displayed. Then share with the cloud.

4.     Upload Photo(s)

The next step is to upload the photo to your cloud drive. For this, you must have a great working internet connection.

5.     Check the Cloud

When all the steps have been completed, it is important to check your cloud drive if the picture(s) have been successfully uploaded.

Simple Steps to Save an Old Cellphone Pic to My Computer

1.     Connect the Cellphone to PC

After turning on your PC, the first step you should take is to connect the phone to the PC. There are various ways of doing this. You can use Bluetooth, Near Field Communication, or USB to connect the phone drive to that of the computer.

2.     Locate Cellphone Drive from PC

The next step is for you to locate the cellphone drive from your system. When you do this, open the drive and locate the picture(s) folder.

3.     Highlight the Picture and Send

When you have located the picture you want to send, you can then proceed to copy and paste or send to the “My Computer” drive.