How Do I Turn on Speech to Text on a Mac?

Apple VoiceOver is known as a full-function screen reader that reads all the texts on a computer window and makes use of trackpad and keystrokes to interact with content and menus of programs and websites. It was designed for people who can’t see, and it could also be used by people who would want to hear all the things a document has to say. The hotkey for starting VoiceOver for all Mac Versions since OS 10.5 is Command+F5.

Ways to Turn on Speech to Text on a Mac

1.     Make use of TTS

Mac has started using a Text to Speech option, which would read the text you want when the user of the device touches a particular Shortcut key. The option works very well using the Apple Calculator. It is a simple option when you compare this to VoiceOver, because it is easy for you to read texts especially for people that have learning issues.

·       To begin, just open the preferences panel from the system under the Apple icon and then click on Speech and Dictation.

·       Then choose the Text to Speech Button.

·       Inspect the option and then speak the chosen text when you press the key.

·       Then click on the set key option.

·       Select one key to modify like Control, Command, Shift, or Option. Then one other key you would like.

·       Then select OK.

Each time you type this key combination, it will read any text you have chosen out loud. If you want to stop the speech, then type the same key combo again.

The default hotkey while using TTS is Option+Escape. You could adjust the voice and speech rate in the Dictation and Speech options in the Preferences section.

How to Select a Different Reading Voice

The default reading voice for the Mac Operating system is Alex. It is an incredible voice. Though there are lots of different options one could use. They come in several dialects and languages. To select these voices, you should do the following:

1.     Open the Menu and select Preferences

2.     Open Dictation and Speech

3.     Then click on the system voice Combobox and click on the button for customize

Click on the System Voice combo box and click on Customize. Then check these checkboxes for the one you prefer, install it, and click OK.

Creating MP3’s using a Mac

Use Books2Burn, a free Text to Speech mp3 making program for the Mac OS X Leopard. This makes use of Alex’s voice, which is used to create MP3s and can be used to load music on your iPod. This program opens text files. You might need to cut and paste the text you want to be converted to mp3 to the interface of the user. Without doing that, it wouldn’t work properly and you might not get parts of the document you would desire.