Have you been anticipating the winter season, when there will be heavy snow? Yes, winter season is here again, and I know you are eager to build a snowman. With the heavy flow of snow, it is possible to achieve your snowman. You can roll up to three snowballs, a small one, medium size, and big size. Put them together in an orderly manner, from big to small.


Do you know there is more to do than just rolling up three different-sized snowballs? Make your creativity more lucrative by decorating your snowman with other features. This article, will discuss how to build a snowman. Take your time to read, think, and digest this article and make your creativity side run wild.


How To Build A Snow Man

Step 1 of 3:

  • Step 1- finding wet snow and a flat spot-:

Look out for wet and easy-to-pack snow because if the snow gets too fluffy and powdery slow. So after getting wet snow, scoop it with your hands, press it till it forms a cricket or ball shape.


If the snow separate and scatter, it can’t make a snowman, but if not to worry, you can as well add little water Into the snow that refuses to form a snowman.


  • 2

Look for a flat lawn space because if your use a sloppy side, it can topple over. And try to stay in Ina place that has enough snow.


  • 3

It would be best if you built a snowman in the shade. Doing this will make your slow man last longer than expected because the snowman is away from direct sunlight. But if you don’t have much shade around, don’t be discouraged. Building a snowman in the shade only makes it last longer, not for any other things.


Step 2 of 3- Rolling Up a Snowman-:

  • 1

Use your hands to pack a snowman for the section of the bottom. Make a round Shape of snow till it reaches 30.5cm diameter or tills you can feel the heavyweight of the snow.


Try always to put on waterproof gloves that are warm to help prevent your hands from getting hurt.

  • 2-:

To make the bottom part, you need to roll the ball along this ground. Keep on till it is about 3 meters. If the snowball has formed as you want it, you can’t stop at that point. Then you can start from the spot and roll the ball. As you roll, alternate the patting of the snowball together. It helps to prevent excess snow from falling.

  • 3

Now it’s time to form the middle section, gather some snow together with both hands, and form it into a ball that is tight enough. When the snow is too heavy to carry, then you can stop adding more snow.


Place it on the ground and do the same thing you did to the bottom section by rolling it around. Do this till the ball reaches 2 feet that are 6 meters wide.

  • 4

Use one foot (30.5cm) For the head of the snowman. When you roll it up, be cautious while placing it on top of the body of the snowman.


Step 3 of 3- Decorate Your Snowman-:

  • 1

It would be best if you stacked the slow in the middle of the head, which will create the nose of your snowman. When placing it, try to put the carrot above it for eyes and below it for a month. All this is about creativity.


  • 2

Buttons, charcoal, and pebbles should be used as the eyes. Put the items above the carrot and let them be evenly placed to the right and the left.

  • 3

Use a row of peddles or charcoal to make the mouth of your snowman. Place it beneath the nose but not too close to the bottom section. Put some fake plastic teeth in the face.


  • 4

You should add two sticks to the arms of the snowman. The sticks should be about 2.5cm or less and about 3 feet long.


Before the arms, you can put a coat and shirt around the body of the snowman. So here it is, your snowman you can add other things you think is best for your snowman.



You can build your perfect snowman with the following steps. Creativity can take a person far beyond your imagination. So do all you can to be creative and build up your snowman in the best possible way you want.