How to Clean Cast Iron Skillets

I’ll be talking about ways one Clean Cast Iron Skillets. Without wasting so much time, let’s begun.


Ways one can Clean Cast Iron Skillets   

Using the Three Steps Cast Iron cleaning Technique

The First Step 

  • You should Wash 

You should wash your cast iron using your hand. You could make use of a small amount of soap. If needed, you could make use of a pan scraper for those that are stuck on food. For those that are stubborn, you could simmer inside some water for about three to five minutes. You could make use of a scraper after your pan has cooled off. The seasoning Care Kit has got all you need to care and wash your vast iron the proper way properly.


The Second Step 

  • You should Dry

Make sure you dry everything properly. You were using a lint-free cloth or a paper towel. Whenever you notice anything that’s somewhat black on your towel, these could be seasoning, and they are just ordinary.


The Third Step 

  • You should Oil 

Get yourself some seasoning spray or some light cooking oil. Rub or spray this on the body of your cookware. Wipe the surface with a paper towel to till there is no oil residue remaining.

You could have a seasoned cast iron skillet. Or bakeware or a grill pan or a Dutch oven. It doesn’t matter. Irrespective of whichever cast iron skillet you’ve got. The cleaning techniques you should use are all the same.


Frequently Asked Questions on Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets.   

Can one soak their cast iron pan? 

You could soak it, but for a short time, it’ll rust sooner than you can imagine.


Can one use soap to wash Cast Iron? 

Well, it all depends on the type of soap. You could use liquid soap. That works wonders.


Can one make use of Metal Scrubber or Steel Wool on their Cast Iron pan? 

The thing is, you could try this. If it leaves your Cast Iron pan clean, then you could keep using it.


Can one put their Iron pan in a dishwasher? 

I don’t think that would be wise. Your dishwasher has got to be big to handle this, though. But it’s best to make use of your hands to wash your Cast Iron Skillets.


How can one Clean a Rusty Cast Iron Pan? 

One could clean this by scrubbing, oiling, and then using it for baking.

When scrubbing, make use of very soapy warm water and steel wool. It is OK to make use of soap because you want to re-season your cookware. You should rinse it entirely and hand dry it. You don’t want to leave any moisture, now do you.

Then you apply a very slim layer of oil used for cooking outside and inside your cookware. If you make use of TOO MUCH oil, your cookware will end up being sticky. And you would not enjoy making use of that to cook now, would you?