It’s another Easter and you still don’t know how to make your own Easter basket. Or you already can but want to spice things up and try something different. Well, this article is for you.

There are numerous Easter basket ideas you could choose from. Instead of using a plastic Easter basket, why not try out something different like an Easter basket made of wood. Let’s go through a simple way of making your own wooden Easter basket and an easy way to craft the wood.

Step 1:

Create a template for your wood pieces. This is an easy way to make sure that your measurements are as accurate as possible. You can use a sheet of plain paper to draw your template.

Cut a large segment out of a circle. Start first by drawing and cutting out a perfect circle. Then cut out ¼ of its length to almost give a semi-circle look.

Draw a rectangle with the shorter length exactly the length of the straight side of the circle and the longer length, double its size.

Draw out a strip of around 1½ – 2inches length for the short sides. The longer side should little the same length as the longer side of the rectangle.


Step 2:

Use your template. For the circle segment, use a slightly thick wood. Place your paper template on your wood then cut out the exact shape. You’ll be needing two of these. They’ll serve as the shorter sides of the basket.

For the rectangle template, that will work as the bottom of the basket. You’ll only be needing one piece. You can use the same wood you used for the two sides. Put your paper template on the wood then cut it out.

Now, using thinner wood like plywood, cut out the strips needed. Using your templates cut out 4 pieces. They would serve as the other longer sides of the woods.

Lastly, cut another piece of wood, like a short pole, using a thick wood this time to serve as the handle of your basket.

Step 3:

Join the pieces. Start by joining the two semi-circles-like pieces to the rectangle piece. Put the straight sides on top of the rectangle piece at the very edges, then join by drilling a nail from underneath or using a strong gum.

Then attach the strips at the other sides of the basket or where the long side of the rectangle piece is. Put two pieces at both sides and use a gum or staple gun to join.

Add the last piece of wood which is to serve as the handle above at the middle of the curve from the semi-circle piece. Drill a nail through for a stronger hold


Step 4:

Paint basket with desirable color. And there you have it. Your wooden Easter basket is completed.



Trying something a bit different out for Easter would be a good idea. Making your Easter basket out of wood is a sign of creativity. You’ll also get your desired beautiful result so try it out. Hope this information was useful to you concerning making a wooden Easter basket.