How to Create Your Crotchet Patterns

It is crotchet time. Make sure you do not look at the job you did as you wasting your time. Oh no. Look at it as a thing you would always remember to do whenever you get this type of chance. It is an essential lesson.


Different Crotchet Patterns and How to design them

  • Begin by using an easy simple shape.

You can start with a scarf, a blanket, or even a cloth used for the dishes. Make sure it is something small, repetitive, and something rectangular or in a square shape. The way you do not have to stress yourself about decreasing or increasing. Just keep things light.

  • Make use of an Easy Stitch

If this is your first time designing, you should start up with something very simple. Something like cables would make you lose your mind. If you have any idea in mind, just do this using a very simple stitch. After you are done, you now have the design idea in your mind. After you have finished you could try making a different stitch from your stitch dictionary.

  • A Stitch Dictionary is Very Important

This is very important. You need to have at least seven. You can use almost all of them for all designs. The essence of your stitch dictionary is for you to have different styles and designs available for you to keep impressing yourself.

  • Whichever Idea comes to mind, Make sure you Write Them Down

After inspiration pops in, make sure you write them all down. This would help you save your inspirations and help you remember them at different points in your sewing journey. Never you say ”Any need when I need this the thought would come” Trust me, after you forget it, that inspiration would just disappear and it might never come back like that.

  • Use a Sketch that you prefer from your design.

You do not need to be an artist before you can create these things using your design. You could have a simple general sketch which would explain the types of sketches you would prefer. These sketches would help you create all you need and you would enjoy your results in the end.  This is what a lot of people that create their crotchet patterns make it work. It is best you settle, organize your mind, and then start sketching your crotchet patterns. It is nice, simple and quite easy when you think about it.


Using these techniques above, they are very simple steps you could use to create your very own crochet patterns for this brand new year. You don’t need to stress yourself so hard. Do this gently and know that you have got this. You are the boss and you are in charge. It is simply creating and making crotchet patterns. No one is telling you to sew someone’s wedding dress. You understand. So have fun as you create these patterns.