How to Crochet with a Loom

Want to get really creative and carry on a nice DIY project on your own? Well, you made quite a good choice by choosing crocheting. Crocheting can be a whole fun package, especially when you craft out really beautiful designs for your personal use or even sell in your neighborhood. Crocheting with a loom is a lot easier than you are thinking right now, yes you can take my word for it so let’s just get right to it.

To crochet with a loom you’ll need most importantly a knitting loom. Now most looms come in different sizes, so you will have to choose which one works best for you depending on how wide or narrow you want the final product to look. You will also need yarn (you can use a variety of colors). Make sure though that the yarns you choose aren’t too thick, because you will need to place a line of yarn over another along the loom. And then you are going to need a knitting hook (which is optional if you have a better alternative).

How to Crochet with a Loom: Step by Step

Now to get to work, you will have to make two loops with the end on the yarn, placing the loop on the left side on top of the one on the right then pull the one on the right through the bottom of the left loop and hang it on the hook on the side of the loom.

After that is done, you want to make sure the yarn is firm enough so you pull tail until it is really tight.

The next step is you have to wrap the other free part of the yarn around the pegs of the loom in a clockwise direction starting from the one on the right and keep going until you end at the starting point.

Repeat this step one more time and when you reach the peg on the side; you want to circle it round the peg twice so it doesn’t loosen.

Repeat the initial step by pulling the loop on the bottom over the one on top, do this for all the pegs around the loom. What you just did is known as casting on.

After casting on, you will need to introduce another step known as casting off. Casting off is usually a little bit more challenging, because now the yarns are tightly fitted on the pegs and would require some effort to lift one loop over the other.

By now every peg should have a loop; now lift the loop of the second peg and place it on the peg to its left. After achieving that, the next step is to pass the bottom loop over the one on top. Repeat this step over and over until all the pegs are empty.

If you followed all the steps properly, you would have succeeded in crocheting with a loom. Enjoy your craft!