How to Draw a Pretty Heart Picture with Your Grandkids for Valentine’s Day

The relationship between a grandparent and a grandchild is very special. For Valentine’s Day, you can create beautiful crafts to enjoy the time spent with your grandkids, such as a pretty heart picture.

Pretty Heart Picture Project 1

Generally, people think of Valentine’s Day as specific to spouses, but that’s just not true. Valentine’s Day is a great time to show people you care – even your grandkids. This article will show you how to draw a pretty heart picture with your grandkids for Valentine’s Day.

  • Start with an outline of a heart picture with the use of two beautiful simple circles.
  • Next, add a beautiful triangle down the outlined sketch.
  • Next, you and your grandkids may continue by drawing the line which is needed on the left side of the heart picture.
  • Then when you and your grandkids finish drawing the line at the left side of the heart picture, draw another line on the right side of the heart picture.
  • At this point, you and your grandkids can now erase the outline sketches that were drawn from the first step.
  • Next, you and your grandkids can color the pretty heart picture into the color red or any other lovely colors you would prefer. 

With this, your pretty heart picture is complete. Hang it on the wall or the fridge to showcase this charming craft project that you shared with your grandkids.

Pretty Heart Picture Project 2

Another cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your grandkids is to take a bunch of printed photos of the family – including selfies with you and your grandkids – and form it into a heart shape on construction paper.

This pretty heart picture collage showcases some of your favorite family photos and can be framed when finished and hung on the wall, or displayed on a table or shelf.

  • First, take some craft scissors and cut around the photo prints if you want them to have slightly decorative edges. (This is of course optional.)
  • Next, carefully tape or glue the photos on some red or pink construction paper in the shape of a heart. It may help to use a large heart stencil before you start to draw the shape desired.
  • Then have your grandkids help decorate the collage with glitter, markers, or stickers.
  • When you’re all happy with the results, you can frame and display the collage as desired.

Happy Valentine’s Day!