How to Make a DIY Christmas Pillow

This Christmas season, you may want to make a DIY Christmas pillow. This is what you need to know to make your very own Christmas pillow.

The things you will need include:

  • A sewing machine
  • Needles and thread
  • Christmas themed fabric from your local crafts store
  • The desired amount of stuffing for the type of Christmas pillows you want to make
  • Seeing pins
  • Sewing scissors

Steps to Make Your DIY Christmas Pillow

1.) Cut your fabric into two halves. They could be in whatever shape you desire – either squared shaped or triangles or even a star.

2.) Pick from the halves of the fabric you have divided, pick one for the front part of the Christmas pillow and one for the back.

3.) Let the front parts be together, while the back parts also are together. And let them both match the edges. After that, you lay your material on a flat surface.

4.) Pin all the edges at parts where you would sew to make it easier when sewing.

5.) After pinning the last part of the DIY Christmas pillow, leave a little part without pinning it. This is necessary to put the fluff in.

6.) Begin sewing all the parts you have pinned. And when done, leave the space where you would put the fluff on.

7.) Time to stuff the DIY Christmas pillow!

Remove all the pins put after sewing the pillow, and then turn the pillow inside out. You will be able to see the trim. After turning to look like a normal pillow, you stuff it all up from the part you left unsewn.

Put in all the fluffy stuff with either foam or any other material you plan to use. Try to make sure there are no sharp objects, because this would be very bad for anyone who tries to use the pillow.

8.) After you put in all the fluff in the Christmas pillow, complete sewing it.

With the use of your sewing machine or your simple needle and thread, you can easily complete sewing your Christmas pillow.


To recap, the simple steps necessary to create your very fine Christmas pillow are as follows. Without using trim, you could easily fold the edge of the material so you keep the edge of your pillow straight. This is necessary to prevent your pillow from looking rumpled and to make it have very straight edges.

After pinning across the edges and placing them to the corner, from this point you use either your needle and thread or a sewing machine to sew your brand-new home-made Christmas pillow which you made yourself. And with this, your great Christmas pillow is all ready to be used for the season.