How to Make a Hammock for Your Backyard

I’ve never met someone that doesn’t enjoy the pleasure of relaxing on a hammock. You can read, sleep, and meditate there.

Before you relax, you need to create a hammock first. This article would show you some creative ideas on how to make a hammock for your backyard.

If you don’t like the hammocks you’ve seen online or the ones found in the stores, then you need to find a great way to make your hammocks on your own.

Scroll down and check out all these easy designs. You just need the necessary tools and proper reading materials.

Different Ways on How to Make a Hammock for Your Backyard

1.     DROP-IN

Whenever we think of drop cloths, it seems very strong, easy, and quite hard to make. These qualities are necessary for you to make a drop cloth that would work out as a DIY hammock. Check out the website of Martha Stewart to learn how you can change a 6′ x 9′ sheet of canvas, together with rope and grommets into a nice backyard hammock.

2.     SAIL AWAY

Using this, you get to create a new spin to the typical hammock design. You could use two different colors. The items you need can be found at Design Milk. There you’ll get necessary instructions that when you follow them, you’ll have your hammock all waiting for you to relax.

3.     FLOAT ON

This is from Camille Styles. You can make a romantic hammock. You’ll need to use breathable muslin and airy sturdy canvas. These simple chains and clotheslines do all the jobs of making the hammock suspended from two trees adjacently placed by each other. These could be made better using fringe embellishments and optional lace.

4.     RIP-IT

You can get these nylons from parachutes, pants, and a lot of other daily applications. This hammock is very light and strong at the same time. It’s great to use in making a beautiful DIY hammock. Check out Instructables and get details to sew together fine channels of nylon that would form the necessary channels for the two cords of suspension.


This is completely customizable and is highly comfortable. This DIY hammock is created using a brightly colored towel that is made using plush cotton. To make it, you need a towel that’s so big, about 40 to 80 inches at least of your favorite pattern or color. Then check out Design Sponge, and enjoy the DIY hammock tutorial.

Now with this knowledge, you can make hammocks for yourself, for your friends, or for your family. You could also teach someone else the techniques you’ve learned.

Enjoy relaxing on your brand new hammock. Remember you did it yourself. Enjoy your DIY spirit!