How to Make Candles Drip

Candles that drip are a beautiful form of art, and they can be easily made by you at home with simple ingredients. All you need is an empty bottle, a multicolored long wax drip taper candle, and a paring knife.


  • Empty bottle: Choose a wine bottle, because it has a very fine shape and makes the colors from the dripping candle more beautiful. It will also help keep the candle stable.
  • A dripping candle has wax of different colors, which change colors and drop layers as the candle is burning.
  • A paring knife is needed to divide the candle and fix the shape of the candle to balance into the wine bottle without falling in.


Remove labels on the bottle by soaking the bottle and removing the labels carefully with your hands.

Then take the paring knife and cut the bottom of the candle at a level that is close to the center of the candle. This is needed for you to be able to fit the candle into the bottle.

Now it is time to put the candle inside the bottle and make sure it stays on top of the bottle at a particular place.

Then you light the candle and watch how it burns to release the colors inside the layers of wax.

After the candle is burning, the colors begin to drop, allowing you to see a beautiful view of the colors that are in the drip candle.

If you want the drip candles to be simple and without colors, you could simply get a plain colored white candle.

If you also want a dark-colored drip candle, then it would be best to get a dark-colored or black candle.

It is also great to put a paper towel under the bottle that would prevent the dripped candle wax from pouring away and making a mess.

And after the dripped candle has burned out, you will be left with very fine and wonderful artwork.

After the candle has finished dripping, you can now use the bottle sculpture for other candles and still be left with your previously owned work of art that you can make use of at any time. Thus, allowing the process of making candles drip a very simple one.