How to Make Your Own Mardi Gras Table Decorations

Mardi Gras, which takes place in late February, is popularly known as Fat Tuesday in English and as Mardi Gras in French, and it refers to a colorful carnival-like celebration featuring music, drinking, dancing, parades, masks, beads in purple, pink, and gold, and King Cakes to set off the lucky new year in style. New Orleans is known as the hub for Mardi Gras celebrations, but it is a holiday anyone can celebrate in their own way at home.

With the use of fabulous music, Cajun-flavoured appetizers, shrimp and crawfish entrees, and traditional king cake for dessert, all your Mardi Gras party will still need are the decorations. In this article, we’ll discuss what to include for your very own Mardi Gra table decorations. 

Essential Mardi Gra Table Decorations

Enjoy the process of creating a very fine arrangement of Mardi Gra table decorations with fun masks, confetti, and coasters as guest name tags – all specially made by you. 

There is a magical feeling that comes with having your Mardi Gra table decorations adorned with beautiful masks and colorful confetti as a great center-piece.

Some of the things you need to decorate your table include flowers, glittery Mardi Gras face masks, feathers, and beads in the colors of green representing faith, purple representing justice, and gold representing power.

After organizing your table with some of these Mardi Gra table decorations, it’ll be nice to invite your guests in with the use of a Boeuf Gras, also known as a bull’s head, which you can make from a papier-mâché.

Use beautiful pottery plates and beaded place mats with the use of napkins that have been embroidered to add to the party glam.

To get your party guests talking, offer party games along with the fun decor, food, and music.

Your centerpiece is of high importance

As stated earlier, a beautiful combination of hydrangea blooms, goldenrod flowers, and magnolia foliage should do the trick. Don’t forget to add beautiful grapes of purple, gold, and green to represent the Mardi Gras colors. With this, your table will look as good as it can be.

Do not forget about the King Cake

King Cake is one of the very important parts of Mardi Gras celebrations and parties. It serves as a dessert for the occasion. This New Orleans tradition involves a pastry-like cake baked with a small plastic baby hidden inside. It sounds weird, but it’s done for good luck, and the person who gets the slice of King Cake with baby inside will be the one to host the next Mardi Gras party.