How to properly wear a mask to protect against diseases

The world is currently in the season of great fear for a health challenge that has refused to go away. 2020 alone has had the highest amount of deaths in the past decade. It is for the benefit of citizens that countries are now seeking that face covering should be worn at all times and correctly.

Many people wear face masks but most people don’t wear them well enough to protect themselves from the virus. This article will show you how you can properly wear your facemasks to be on the safer side as the second wave of the virus is beginning to raise its head.

How do you do it?

Below are the steps you have to take, as endorsed by the CDC to wear your face mask and ensure that you are properly guarded against the virus.

  • Wash your hands for at least 30 seconds with soap and water or apply a sanitizer and spread it generously over every part of your hand. Do this before touching your mask at all
  • Place the mask over your nose and mouth alone. Ensure that it is secured with your chin.
  • Fit it around both sides of your face and hook then loops to your ears. Note that some face coverings use the tying system, so tie it properly to the back of your head. Ensure that you don’t tie it too firmly as it can hinder your breathing.
  • If you go through the day, needing to constantly adjust your mask or take it off and on, you should consider using one that makes the process easy for you.

If you follow this step correctly every day, you have not only made useful steps to curb the coronavirus, but you have also obeyed the law of the country. However, there is more to using a face mask than just knowing how to wear it. You must note that there are some things you need to always do and should never do with the mask.

Dos and don’ts on using a face mask

Below are some things you should always do and some that you should never do this period until a more effective result, has been found for the coronavirus.

  • Always wear your mask when you are in a gathering with strangers.
  • Never lower the mask to your neck or take it up to your forehead when you need to talk
  • Always store your wet masks properly till you can wash them. And ensure that you wash your mask regularly
  • Don’t touch the mask if you have not washed your hands
  • Always carry a spare mask in case you misplace the other one or have it touched by people you don’t know their coronavirus status.
  • Don’t give your mask out to anyone and reuse it afterward without washing it.


As mentioned earlier, the coronavirus guidelines are meant for us to protect us from being contracting the disease and as such, we must adhere to them all the time.