How to Set Up a Birdfeeder

There are several reasons birders like feeding birds. They love the fact that new species could come and feed, and they love seeing the birds up close.

You should choose your bird feeder placement based on your personal needs. Here are some helpful tips.

How to Set Up a Birdfeeder: Step by Step

If you want to set up a bird feeder you need to do the following:

1.     View

You need to put your feeder where you’ll get an unobstructed clear view from one of the windows in your home. You need to check out the sunlight and make sure it is in a place where you’ll get to see the birds closely. If you choose an area that has a lot of shadows, then you’ll barely see the birds. The views will change as time passes, like when the trees shed leaves or when shrubs grow, or other changes happen in your landscape.

2.     Refilling

You should place a feeder in a place where filing it would be simple and less stressful. Keeping it in such a place would attract more birds. Avoid placement where you’ll need a ladder to fill the feeder.

3.     Shelter

If the weather in your area has lots of snow, heavy winds, and lots of rain, then you need to put your birdfeeder under shade. This would protect the birds and food when they come to feed. It would also help you when you want to refill your bird feeder.

4.     Mess

On a good day, feeders normally get messy with molted feathers, hulls, and bird droppings. You need to always clean these things away. Put your feeder in a place where these messes won’t be noticed and where they won’t cause problems with people around. You could place it in a brushy, natural area.

More Tips

No matter the area you keep your bird feeder, it could take a lot of days or weeks for the birds to find this new feeding system. For you to encourage the birds to feed here, you need to put out your feeders carefully.

You should put attractive colors at the feeding station, make sure it is near flowers, and beautiful items for them to be more attracted.

Make intentional steps to make these birds use the feeder and provide them with seeds you know they’ll enjoy. Also be sure to design the feeder in a way that keeps other animals like squirrels out of the feeding zone. Enjoy watching the birds!