How to Trim Curtains to Fit Your Windows

Windows in a room help in improving the overall appeal of a space. They also help in lighting up a room. The best part of decorating windows is with curtains. You can match the curtains either with the aesthetics of your window or according to the color and theme of your room. But, there are times when the curtain you get for your window turns out to be the wrong dimensions, or your window may be an odd size. In that case, you are only left with the option of tailoring them. So, if you are thinking about how to trim curtains to fit your windows, follow these steps for the best results.

How to Trim Curtains: Getting the Proper Measurements

There are basic mathematical principles that come into play while you are trying to fit curtains to a specific window. Along with it comes the concept of subjective measurement. You need to decide how long you want the curtains to hang, whether you want them exactly of the size of the window, or if you want them a bit longer than the frame. If you hang curtains close to the ceiling, it will make a small room look taller.

You need to make sure that whatever option you choose appeals to the eyes. However, it also depends on your personal taste and the ambiance of the room you are decorating. If you want to learn how to trim curtains, follow these easy steps!

How to Trim Curtains: Step-by-Step

  1. Start by measuring the dimensions of your window. Begin with the outside edge of the window at the top right to the top left. Next, measure the length of the window from the top edge to the bottom edge. You can extend the bottom length according to your preference. Round all of the measurements to discover the most ideal measurements.
  2. Now you need to decide whether you want the curtains to hang down from the window frame or be the same size of the window. 
  3. While measuring the curtain, make sure that you measure from the rod pocket at the top. The rod pocket holds the curtain rod in its place. It is usually placed above the window frame, so it is better to leave some extra curtain room at the top for a better look. 
  4. Now you can trim your curtains according to the size of the window frame. While trimming, do not forget to leave a few inches extra to improve the overall looks.

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