Make DIY Valentine’s Day Cards with Your Grandkids

I love spending time with my Grandparents, my Granddad particularly. It is so nice being in their company. There is just so much wisdom flying around everywhere. When Valentine’s day comes, we are always ready to show everyone how much we all love each other. This article is going to talk about different ways you can create valentine’s day cards with your grandparents and for grandparents with your grandkids.


Different DIY Valentine Day cards with Grandma and Grandpa

  • Valentine DIY Day Cards

The materials you and your grandkids need to make these valentine day cards a reality is practically everywhere. It is so nice and so simple. You could use basic simple things like cardboard, markers, blue and red pens. You are going to enjoy creating these Valentine’s day cards with your grandkids. You could be giving those lovely stories as you booth paint and draw things related to love on these simple and easy to make cards. You could ask your grandparents for the first time they met each other. The stories they have to tell would bring a wow from your mouth. Trust me. I have said WOWs a lot of time, hearing my grandparents especially my grandma talk before.

  • Specially for your Main Squeeze

Grandparents can create this beautiful Valentine’s day card for their kids. Together with them. Imagine expecting a present from someone and you see them making the present. You would also see the amount of love that is being put into these presents.

To make this, you should use your hands to draw and carve out a heart shape making use of a red marker. You could also make use of a burlap ribbon. You can add dotted lines around the perimeter of the heart for it to look like it was stitched. Then put on the cut heart which you removed earlier and have a proper adult write lovely messages. You the grandparent can do this too. Then leave it to your grandkids to trace all the lovely things you have written.

The essence of all of these is for you all to enjoy the handwritten love messages. So after writing, do not get so hung up on making sure that yes, everything is perfect. Perfection as is always said is imperfect.

  • Teach your grandkids how to make these valentine day cards

You can show your grandkids how to write valentine’s day letters to the ones they love. This works very well if you have adults as grandkids. This would also help you as the grandparent to be closer to your grandkids. Get the ingredients you need to make this happen and show them. Cut out the love hearts, get your glue pack, and merge everything. As you do this, your grandkids are enjoying different conversations about the times of your life when you were in these same shoes. It is love season, show some love.