Memory Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

From research, we all know that there are a lot of ways we all can make ourselves sharper by the day. To keep yourself healthy and sharp, no matter your age. Performing some brain exercises can help boost your concentration, focus, and memory. It can help you perform tasks easier and faster, and this may also help keep your brain sharper as you grow older.

Evidence-Based Memory Exercises to Keep Your Mind Sharp

1.     Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle

You could be putting together a thousand puzzle pieces of the New York statue or join together a hundred pieces of your favorite Disney character. Working on such puzzles is a great way to sharpen your memory.

It is known that performing these jigsaw puzzles gathers cognitive abilities and it is necessary for visuospatial aging as you grow older. This works because you need to look at a lot of pieces and join them together. It’s a nice way to exercise and challenge your brain.

2.     Try your hand at cards

According to research, playing cards is a sharp and fast way for adults to sharpen their minds. It leads to higher brain volumes in different regions of the brain. A game of cards also improves thinking skills and your memory.

It is best to know how to play these true and tried card games, such as Bridge, Poker, Solitaire, and Crazy Eights.

3.     Build your vocabulary

Having a rich vocabulary has its ways of making you sound sharp. You could turn a vocab lesson into a brain game that’ll stimulate you.

From research, we know that a huge part of the brain is necessary for tasks that involve you making use of vocabulary. Especially in areas that are necessary for auditory and visual processing. Try out activities that’ll boost your brain like these examples:

When you study, keep a notebook, make sure you write down unfamiliar words and check the definition. Make sure you try to use that word five times the next day.

You could even try learning a new language! This will surely keep your brain sharp.

4.     Dance your heart out

I hope you love dancing, because it helps your memory and brain processing speed. When you bust a dance move, your brain would return the favor.

Give one of these dance activities a try.

Take hip-hop, salsa, or a contemporary dance class. Try a jazz or Zumba exercise class. Check a video online of dance moves that you’ve always wanted to learn. (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance, anyone?!) Or, get a partner and learn how to dance ballroom style.

5.     Use all your senses

Using all your five senses helps in making your brain sharper.

For your brain and your senses to be sharper, you need to give them a workout. Performing activities that help in engaging all five of your senses would help. Try going to the farmer’s market, making a batch of cupcakes, checking out a new restaurant, focusing on hearing, seeing, touching, smelling, and tasting – all at the same time.

This would grant you a sharper memory and a more active brain.

You could also try brain health support supplements such as Full Focus+ by Neurobiologix.