Potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Today, I’ll be talking about the Potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver. There are several conversations out there about Colloidal Silver. Presently, it is said that it doesn’t have any function in our body. The United States FDA (food and Drug Administration) ruled out in 1999 that these silver colloidal products were not practical or safe. They sued various manufacturers over fake health claims.

Several colloidal silver products were taken out of drugstore shelves due to the rulings from the food and Drug Administration. It has changed its name and rebranded to become homeopathic of dietary remedies and supplements. None of these were approved by the FDA.

This piece would be looking at the potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver. Let’s check out the possibilities, shall we?


Potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Various manufacturers of these colloidal silver broadly claim that these products are highly capable of stimulating our immune system. It also helps our body to heal itself. Various proponents believe that this supplement could help in increasing the speed at which injuries heal. It also helps in improving skin disorders and helps in the prevention of skin disorders. It also helps treat and prevent diseases like AIDS, cancer, shingles, eye infections, herpes, pneumonia, and flu.

There are various claims which have been testing tube supported. These tests showed how colloidal silver was shown and how it proved to help with inflammatory issues, antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial.

These studies didn’t show us the things that happen outside the test tube.

After it gets ingested, this colloidal silver has a very high rate of causing toxicity, and there are possible chances of actually causing death. There is little to no evidence that the silver removes the same antimicrobial properties when it gets internalized.

The human body doesn’t need this silver. It isn’t a mineral that’s so important, and it doesn’t have any function biologically o

r sort.

The toxicity of silver is quite rare. Silver could gather inside our bodies over years and months. This could end up leading to a high rate of disfigurement and the presence of very harmful deposits in the brain, muscle, kidney, spleen, and liver, as stated by research from the Imperial College in London.

We aren’t saying silver doesn’t have its skin benefits. When used on the skin, colloidal silver could help prevent infections and speed the rate of healing.


Healing injuries

Various studies have investigated using silver on dressings to wounds and skin ulcers. A lot of these have realized that silver particles have properties that help in fighting bacteria. They also help treat ulcers that cause diabetes, serious skin injuries, necrotizing fasciitis, skin grafts, and other injuries on the skin.


So there we have it. Now you know all about the potential Health Benefits of Colloidal Silver.