Ribbon Crafts Ideas for Easter

During Easter, many people enjoy buying and making crafts that help support the idea behind the Easter celebration.

Do you intend to make crafts for the next Easter celebration? If yes, here are a few Easter craft ideas that you can easily make with ribbons.

First, it is important to know that there are different type of ribbons, which can be used in making ribbon crafts for seniors. Out of the different types of ribbons that there are, we prefer either the non-woven and woven. The woven ribbons are the best as long as home decorations are concerned. This is because they are more flexible and can be folded in any way in which the craft maker desires.

Other types of ribbon include:

1) Curling ribbons: These ribbons are crimped in other to give the ribbon a rough edge.

2) Grosgrain: This is a supple woven ribbon which is very durable. It lasts for a long time.

3) Organdy, organza, and chiffon: These are lightweight ribbons. These ribbons are part of the open weave variety.

4) Iridescent ribbons: These ribbons can alternate colors depending on the lighting and the angle in which the ribbon is facing. The change in colors is caused by the pearl-like finish on the ribbons.

5) Jacquard ribbon: This type of ribbon is often described as the ribbon with embroideries. This ribbon, unlike others, has two sides. The back and the front. These two sides make it easier for the craftsman to know which side to use when making crafts.

Having seen the different types of ribbons, you can be able to decide what kind of ribbon you what to use in your ribbon craft making.

Easter Ribbon Crafts for Seniors

Bunny Rabbits with Ribbons

This is very simple to make Easter craft to make. All you have to do it, buy a bunny rabbit and a colored ribbon of your choice. With your ribbon, you can make a little flower or a bowtie then with little glue, fasten the ribbon to the bunny rabbit. You could glue it around the bunny’s stomach or any other part of the rabbit you deem better.

Ribbons with Plastic Eggs

This is also another easy to make Easter craft. All you need is different colors of ribbons, glue, a pair of scissors, a small fancy basket and plastic eggs. To make create this, you wrap your plastic eggs individually in different colors of ribbon. Apply glue to it to ensure that the ribbon does not separate from the plastic egg.

Use the scissors to trim off the excess ribbon from the plastic egg if there is any. Arrange them all in your small fancy basket and place in the middle of the dining table or any other place you so desire. You could decide to wrap the basket with ribbons if you are not pleased with the present color of the basket.

Easter Bunny Tree

To make this, get a small dying or dead plant remove the leaves and wrap up the branches with ribbons. Hang miniature eggs on the branches of the wrapped tree. Place the mini tree in a small decorated base and keep at any spot in your house. It is very durable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Easter crafts for seniors. Happy Easter!