Ruffle Some Creative Feathers with a DIY Ruffle Pillow Case

Pillows are all comfy and cool. They help our head to rest and help us fall asleep faster. A ruffle pillow is very similar to your average bed pillow only in the sense that it is fluffier and prettier. Usually, ruffle pillows are used for decorative purposes and are placed over regular pillows on the bed. However even if a ruffle pillow is smaller than your average one, it still fulfills the same essential functionality. Go to the crafts stores for some cloth, get out your sewing machine, and then keep reading to find out how to create your own ruffle pillow case.

How to Make a Ruffle Pillow Case

Project 1

Take two square pieces of cloth, either made of cotton or wool, depending on what makes you comfortable. Then sew them together from lengthwise on both sides and widthwise only on one side.

Sew a zipper to the other end of the widthwise side. However, ensure that you are sewing the ends of both pieces of the cloth not too far away from their edges. If you do not do this, it will lead to a comparatively smaller space to insert the pillow inside the case.

Insert pillow stuffing into the ruffle pillow case from the end where you have stitched the zipper. There you go!

Project 2

You can also make a ruffle pillow case in another way. Just follow the same procedure as given above. Take four strips of cloth, a pair for the widthwise end and another for the lengthwise end. Make sure that the length of these straps of cloth are longer than their corresponding side (i.e. if the widthwise end of one side is 15 centimeter than the strip of cloth that attaches to it should be around 20 centimeters).

Stitch these strips of cloth to the ends and while you are at it, ensure that the cloth strips get a wave-like pattern. Stitch the end of the pillow and the strip in such a way that both the ends touch each other point to point despite the differences in length. This type of stitching gives the strip of cloth a flowery-wavy look which is an aesthetic addition to your ruffle pillow.

You can also color your ruffle pillow case with fabric colors. If you are making them for your kids, draw cartoons or such figures. Flowers, animals, or natural scenery – there is so much you can add to it.

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