Santa Claus Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself

It is that time of the year again when Santa Claus comes to town, the carolers are singing and there is magic in the air. Let us be honest, there is no Christmas without Santa Claus, as he is the original custodian of the Christmas rituals and practices. That being said, what better way is there to incorporate Santa into your Christmas festivities than by having Santa decorations around?

Santa Claus Christmas decorations are not only the definition of festive, but they are also colorful and an embodiment of Christmas. We are bringing you a way to step up this decorating project a notch by not only having fun in the process but also saving some money on Christmas decorations. 

Here are some easy to make Santa Claus Christmas decorations you can get started on right now.

3 Santa Claus Christmas Decorations

Santa Tulle Wreath

This is one of the prettiest ways to show that you are really in the spirit of Christmas. Rather than have a regular wreath hanging on your door, why not spice it up with a Santa tulle wreath?

First, you will need a plain wreath, a large Santa hat, a glue gun, a piece of ribbon, scissors, and about 50 yards of white spool tulle.

To begin, measure your hat on your wreath form and mark off where it stops to know where to tie your tulle. Next, you can simply begin to tie your tulle around your wreath from the first mark to the other. To add a mustache, simply tie a piece of tulle 2 inches below the hat mark. Now simply cut up your tulle and tie them in simple knots around your wreath beard and mustache. Lastly, glue on your Santa hat to the wreath on the front and back. You stuff some tulle into the hat to make it voluminous. To finish the job, add a ribbon to the back of your wreath to enable you to hang it on your door.

Paper Plate Santa

Making a paper plate Santa is not only clever but it is crafty and so easy that the kids can get in on the fun. You can simply get some Christmas illustration books and keep the kids busy by getting them to copy out the illustrations onto paper plates covered with construction paper and non-toxic paint. You can also use construction paper, markers, and cotton balls to create a paper plate Santa.

Santa Bottle Centerpiece

During holiday festivities, there may be a few empty wine bottles laying around the house. Rather than throw them away, put them to good use by converting them into Santa Claus wine bottle centerpieces

Simply get some red fabric to cover up the bottles and a black strip for the belt, next add a gold accessory as the belt buckle, and viola, you have a Santa bottle centerpiece. You can use these as a vase, candle holder, or even simply on its own as stand-alone decoration.

DIY Santa Claus Christmas decorations are fun, creative, and festive – just try these out and see for yourself.And if you still have room for more fun, try our other ideas of crafts for seniors!