Small Projects to Sew for Christmas

One of the best times of year to do things yourself is Christmas time. Sewing is one of the skills you can become great at. You could make several things for Christmas by sewing. This article is going to talk about a few of them. It could be sewing pajamas to aprons to a bunch of other things. Get ready to make some decorations for the Christmas celebration.

List of Small Projects to Sew this Christmas

1. Advent Pillow

You can get your entire family to join you in making this wonderful pillow. It looks like one of the pottery barns designs.

2. Nightgown

You could make a simple nightgown. You could also make gowns used for sleeping for the dolls of your kids or siblings which they would wear for this Christmas season.

3. Stocking

You can sew festive and funky stockings for everyone at home. Making use of the diary of a quilter, you’ll get all the steps and tutorials you’ll need to sew this beautiful piece.

4. Tote Bag

This is the period for you to dress and wear beautiful charms. This bag would be nice to hold as you go shopping for all the things you would need for this Christmas period. You could also add an elf if you are a fan of Christmas elves. It would make your tote bag complete.

5. Felt Toy

Everyone loves and enjoys this little Christmas tree gotten from Bobbins Cheri. You and your friends could make this for Christmas. You are going to have so much fun with it.

6. Hot Pad

This is something you need to sew for this Christmas season. When your family comes together, you sew up your hot pad and you can get aid from Elizabeth Wyatt’s tutorials.

7. Scarf

You could sew your very own Christmas scarfs. Mix this with lace and plaid. You would be stylish, and you’ll look like a pretty lady. It is awesome for the Christmas holidays.

8. Placemats

In front of the house or in front of the bathroom, we all need to have foot mats at these places. They help keep the celebrations a bit festive and a little bit cleaner than it would have been without it.

9. Tree Skirt

If you are into bringing your new sewing skills into the Christmas celebrations, then just go to Just Crafty Enough and learn how to sew skirts for your Christmas trees.

10. Sweater Bags

It could be sewed as presents or as a favor for your friend or family this Christmas. But it serves as a wonderful present which is unique and beautiful. This homemade living show is how we can create these beauties in time for our holidays.

11. Busy Apron

Jojo and Eloise show us how we can make a busy apron. This is something which after you’ve finished using it to sew, you could fill it with goodies from the holidays and you could use it to make meals. 

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