Meet the Amazings!

Our crafty elders teach us how to make and master. Learn from their lifetime of experience.

Martha – Health, Cooking

From working in a backroom in a small bakery at the age of 17, to traveling the world — Asia in particular, Martha has dedicated herself to the world of healthy eating – and many solo exhibitions, published writings, teaching recognition, and private commissions have followed.

Michael – Woodworking

Michael has been in woodworking for over 25 years, which started as a hobby and has progressed beyond that. He has been an instructor for most of his working life and started teaching woodworking at adult education. He has been an educator in woodworking for over 10 years, as well as teaching one-to-one in his own workshop.

Alexandra – Home and Interior Design

When Alexandra sees an empty space in a home, Alexandra sees it as a blank canvas. Interior design is an art at which she has been active for over 15 years. She makes cluttered or empty spaces feel like home with a ton of expertise and a very big imagination.

Betty – Wellness, Yoga

A long-time tennis player, Betty has always been active. It wasn’t until after her children were all out of the house that she fell in love with yoga and truly overall wellness. She has been taking part in yoga for 12 years and instructing for 5 years.

Steve – Technology

Steve started tinkering with electronics at the age of 5 and has been doing it ever since! As technology has evolved, he has seen his hobby grow into genuine expertise.