Trendy Turquoise Home Design Ideas

Everyone loves a beautiful home. A beautiful home gives birth to even more comfort. When you have a well-organized, decorative home, inviting others to your house will be a pleasure. There are many factors that can make a home beautiful and stylish. Recently, we’ve noticed a popular new trend in turquoise home design options. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Turquoise?

Turquoise is a fresh blue and green-hued color also known as teal. It is a very ideal color as far as home design is concerned. It is usually used to design beach houses. It is also used for summer and spring decorations.

What other colors does turquoise blend better with?

The color turquoise blends beautifully with many colors. A few of which are:

White: An example of a trendy turquoise home design mixed with white is a living room in which the four corners of the walls are painted white and the ceiling is painted turquoise color. The furniture is made of white materials, and accessories like sofa pillows are turquoise.

Black: A living room whose four corners and ceiling area is painted with white would look really beautiful if the furniture and other fittings are mixed with black and turquoise. An example is a black and white rug, black center table, turquoise sofa or cushions, and turquoise sofa pillows.

Silver: Turquoise blends beautifully with silver too. Silver and turquoise designs and other decorative items usually look very beautiful when combined in a home.

Apart from these calm colors which turquoise can easily be combined with to achieve a beautiful interior decor, turquoise also blends beautifully with loud and contrasting colors too. A good example is orange. It would amaze you to know that turquoise and orange used in a living room will produce a very beautiful end result.

Take for example a living room that is painted with white. The sofa is orange, and other decorative items (for example flower vases and the others I n the living room are turquoise. In as much as the color contrast might not seem beautiful to the mind’s eye, it is a beautiful combination in reality.

Turquoise also looks very beautiful when combined with other colors like dark purple, fuchsia, and many others. It creates a cool style when used with contrasting colors.

Asides wall paintings and sofa, can turquoise also look good with other interior decor items?

Yes! Turquoise interior decor items like a wall art, books, flower vases, vintage bottles, and other items always give an interior a classy look. You won’t be disappointed. A good example is a living room whose walls and ceiling area are painted with white, the sofa is white in color, the center table is turquoise, the vintage bottles are turquoise, and the wall art is turquoise. The interior of that house would be a lovely sight to behold.