Try These Compact Disc Crafts

We all love arts and can’t enough of them. They elicit a great feeling from us. There are a number of compact disc crafts that one can try out. If you are looking for ways to bond with your kids, it won’t be a bad idea to try these compact disc crafts. You probably already have CDs lying around the house, so this is a great way to recycle unused CDs!

13 Compact Disc Crafts

1. Snowmen Ornaments

The tiny snowmen are cure to the eyes and will beautify wherever you place them in. You will have so much fun with your kids making them. In the end, what you will have will leave you surprised.

2. CD and Yarn Snowman

You can easily wrap a yarn around your compact disk and get a handsome snowman. This is easy to create, and you will fancy it.

3. CD Cardinal

This comes off looking like an Angry Bird. Maybe, it is just me. You can learn this from About Family Crafts. They christened it cardinals, but I feel that they are merely Angry Birds. What side do you pick?

4. Upcycled Sun Catcher

When you are done making this, you will have no choice but to fall in love with these suncatchers. When you are done, you can hang them on your patio or somewhere else.

5. Wind Spinners

You can create wind spinners with your kids as gifts for grandparents. Your kids will enjoy making this, as they are cute.

6. Tea Light Lamp

You can create tiny tea light lamps. It is a fun activity that you will enjoy a lot. It is a bonding exercise that everyone will love.

7. Hands Feathered Turkey

Do you know that you can use the compact discs that you do not use for anything else to make this Thanksgiving turkey? It will leave you excited and wanting more.

8. Feathered Owl

You can create this cute and feathered owl, with compact discs. Do you have compact discs that are lying around? You could create a feathered owl with it. You can hang them on your cherry trees and send off the birds that are always munching on your fruits.

9. Ghosts

If you try this ghost project with your kids, there is a great chance that they won’t get enough of it. It will be an awesome exercise. Do you know that you can use this as a cute Halloween decoration?

10. CD Lamp

Have you ever considered making a CD lamp? It will definitely turn out nice. That is guaranteed.

11. Mosaic Photo Frame

This is a great way to make use of those compact discs that you are no longer using. You can learn how to use this from Make it Easy Crafts.

12. Lotus Shrine

You can create an awesome lotus shrine with your old compact discs.

13. CD Mobile

You could create a pretty, sparkly mobile with your old compact discs lying around. What are you waiting for?