Fun Turkey Feathers Crafts to Do with Your Grandkids

Thanksgiving is a holiday perfect for grandparents and grandchildren. Parents step aside, it is time for pops and moms to have some fun with the kiddos! To be honest, there is really no better way to keep kids engaged than getting them interested in some crafts, and being the Thanksgiving season, turkey feathers are just the thing that you need to get crafty this festive season. 

Here are some fun ways to get involved with fun turkey feathers crafts with the grandkids this Thanksgiving!

3 Turkey Feathers Crafts Ideas

Feather Headbands

Making turkey feather headbands is a fun way to not only keep the grandkids busy, but it also sparks their creativity as well as keeps them super entertained and out of the way of adults. To create this fun decoration, all you need is construction paper, a pair of scissors, stapler, glue, and feathers. 

First, take a long piece of paper that’s about an inch wide, fit it to the child’s head, and then simply cut them to size. The next step is to start gluing away. Let the kids pick out their turkey feathers and glue them onto the paper along with any other kind of jewelry or ornament they want. Finally, when the gluing is all done, the ends of the paper then stapled or glued together to create the band.

Feather Place Cards

Making feather place cards is not just for the kids. While the adults are busy in the kitchen cooking Thanksgiving dinner, the grandkids can help decorate the dinner table with feather place cards. What you need for this craft project is construction paper, a pair of scissors, glue feathers, and a pen. 

First, you cut up the place cards in whatever shapes please you. Next, write out the name of the place holders on the respective cards. Last but not least, decorate away by simply gluing on the feathers around the place cards. Feathers are not the only things that can go on place cards, you can add anything from glitter to gems, and you really cannot go wrong.

Taped Up Turkey Feather

Making taped up turkey feathers is a great way to enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving even without actual turkey feathers. All you need for this craft is a pair of scissors, construction paper, and colorful tape. 

First, you start by cutting up your construction paper in the shape of turkey feathers. You can either do this by hand or simply trace out the pattern form a book or an actual feather. 

Next, you cut up your colorful tape in strips and lastly, simply stick on the tapes onto your feather cut out to create your festive turkey feather. These feathers can be showcased as decorations around the house.

Getting an opportunity to bond with the grandkids does not come often, so when take full advantage of the opportunity. Looking for more fun craft projects to try with the grandkids? Make a DIY ruffle pillow case or other fun and easy crafts for seniors.