Where to Get an Umbrella Walking Cane

Walking canes were a big thing in the olden days and even those who did not need the support carried it about for fashion purposes. Nowadays, however, people are looking for a cane that solves both the support problem and the protection from rain problems. This is the masterpiece that is called the umbrella walking cane. It may not have been a completely unique idea, since people tended to use their umbrellas as walking canes, hence, the thought of combining them in one was not too far-fetched.

What is an Umbrella Walking Cane?

As the name implies, an umbrella walking cane is a walking cane that also serves as an umbrella to protect from the sun or rain. Some are so well designed that you will not know there’s an umbrella hidden inside the cane. Others are more straightforward and simply keep the umbrella neatly wrapped up so the cane doesn’t look too much like a cane but more of an umbrella. 

Basically, an umbrella walking cane offers support when walking so that too much strain and weight is not placed on the legs. This is common with elderly people but also those with walking problems. 

An umbrella walking cane helps self-conscious people who need canes but don’t want to be too obvious about it. It is also a great fashion item to add to your wardrobe even if you don’t need the support. Many umbrella walking canes are so tastefully designed that almost anyone would want one.

Why Use An Umbrella Walking Cane?

While some people used to use umbrellas as canes to mask their need for a walking cane, this proved to be ineffective. The human body carries a lot of weight, no matter how small you may be. An umbrella is not designed to have such weight placed on it. In fact, the stem of the umbrella will be facing upwards when you use it hence it is made as light as possible so you don’t have to carry a heavy umbrella.

If you really want an umbrella that can also serve as a cane, simply get an umbrella walking cane. It kills two birds with one stone, perhaps even three if you consider the fashion aspect. In addition, it is unwise to use umbrellas as walking canes as they are never sturdy enough and can easily break, resulting in possible injuries to you.

Where can you get an umbrella walking cane?

Now that there’s a solution to looking cool with a walking cane, why not get yourself an umbrella walking cane from any of the stores listed below. These specialize in all things canes and other senior care-related gear.

1. Canes Galore

2. Fashionable Canes

3. House of Canes

4. Elderluxe

5. Amazon

No matter what your need or interest in an umbrella walking cane may be, there are plenty of resources out there that have got you covered.