What are the Calmest Breeds of Dogs?

Are you considering buying a dog any time soon? Are you only interested in dogs that can be quiet and calm all day long? Well, you’re not alone, I, also, am a strong lover of calm dogs and a proud owner of three.

I went with my friend to a pet store one day to get one of his dogs groomed. While we were there, I thought it would be cute to rub my hand on the head of one of the little puppies I saw there. As I walked closer to the puppy, I noticed that it was preparing to bark at me. I didn’t understand why. I thought that was unfriendly. The dog was cute, no doubts but I hate the situation where I come home to hear that my dog bit a passive, probably for nothing. I decided from then on that I will only go for friendly and calm dogs.

In this article, we will look at some of the breeds of dogs and how to care for them.

Shih Tzu

Small and cute, and oftentimes mistaken for other small dogs, the Shih Tzu breed is one of the calmest dog breeds ever. They are easily identified by their really shaggy hair, which sometimes covers the entirety of their face and can live with you in any lifestyle. They are very loyal, friendly, clingy, and fun to have around.


These are very friendly dogs that socialize easily with their owners and grow calmer with age. They are very cute, loyal, and lively.

Labrador Retriever

I used to be afraid of big dogs until I met my friend’s Labrador retriever. These dogs are very friendly, both to adults and kids, affectionate, calm, and sometimes reserved. I fell in love with this breed, and now I am a proud owner of two.

Great Dane

Big, smart, patient, protective, and very calm, the look on their faces can even help you calm your nerves. The dogs are really large and sometimes could scare a visitor who doesn’t like big dogs. But they’re very calm and peaceful.

Golden Retriever

You can almost see the entirety of their joy on their faces. This breed is overly friendly and sweet. They could become aggressive if you try to hurt their owners though. They love children and are very comfortable around them.

Cavalier King Charles and Kings Charles Spaniel

Cute and friendly, joyful, and calm, they may love to spring up with joy when they’re around their owners, but when alone, they’re usually calm and quiet. It can adapt quickly and fit into any environment.

Before you purchase any dog at all, you must know that their feeding and overall care affect their behavior. You have to get some products that help you care for their wellbeing;, if not you could be raising a calm dog to become ruthless. Try all-natural dog products by Pet Wellbeing.

Also, consider visiting a vet or an expert pet store owner for advice concerning dog health and behavior.