What is Hypervolemic Blood? Eat Too Much Salt and You May Find Out!

You know when they say too much of everything is bad, well this is a perfect example which portrays that saying. Do you wonder what is hypervolemic blood? Well, this is a situation where you have too much fluid present in the blood that flows through your body. Normally, your entire body system needs blood but as the saying states, if something is too much no matter how good it is, it is bad for you.

Hypervolemic blood or hypervolemia is normally caused by a health issue that might not be known of until tests are carried out. There are different types of hypervolemia, which could either be mild hypervolemia or chronic hypervolemia. Normally, one could have mild hypervolemia after consuming meals that have a lot of sodium content or at periods where hormones are changing in your body. If you do not have other health issues, the presence of mild hypervolemia easily goes on after some time.

What is hypervolemic blood could also be explained by what causes hypervolemia. It is best to get it treated as fast as possible. This is because at the early stage it is easily treatable and it prevents more cases of hypervolemia from occurring in your body.

If you are a serious consumer of salt or other materials that possess a lot of sodium content, you could easily get mild hypervolemia. This is because when your body has a lot of salt in it, it tries to balance the amount of salt by holding water, so specific body parts aren’t overwhelmed by the salt.

That’s one of the causes of hypervolemic blood. Another cause is when issues arise from the body regulating water and sodium, but it could also be caused by some drugs or some medical procedures.

What is Hypervolemic Blood?: 3 More Factors

Other factors on what hypervolemic blood is  include the following.

Heart Malfunctioning

You could be having heart failure where your heart would not be able to pump the right amounts of blood needed for the entire body. Other organs in the body depend on the pumping rate of the heart. When the kidney is not getting enough blood, it results in a high amount of fluid left in the body and that may lead to hypervolemic blood or hypervolemia.

Destruction of Liver Cells

There would be too much fluid in your body if the cells of the liver begin to die or are being destroyed. This could be caused by a lot of factors such as smoking or the consumption of products that are not vital for your organs. So, when your liver is not able to hold and administer the nutrients from meals you consume, and when it is not able to remove toxins from the body, you could become a patient of hypervolemia.

Diuretic supplements can help the body get rid of excess fluid buildup in the body. We recommend trying Designs for Health’s WaterEase and Flora’s Salus Red Beet Crystals Organic.

Hormones in the Body

When women are pregnant, their bodies tend to create a lot of fluid to care for the baby/fetus within. It can be noticed at times that they could look either swollen or bloated with a lot of discomfort. If these symptoms are noticed, they should seek medical care to treat the ailments quickly.