What is the Difference Between Health and Wellness for the Elderly?

Many people feel wellness and health mean the same thing, especially when they are talking about these states on elder people.

Well, they are not synonyms. Health refers to a physical body not having a disease. But wellness refers to someone having balance occupationally, environmentally, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, socially, and physically.

Wellness refers to a lifestyle, and it is not something one wants to come and be done with. It refers to the type of balance we as humans hope to achieve all through our lives. On the other hand, health or being healthy could be when someone wants to reduce their blood pressure or lose weight. After doing this, then he could be called healthy. Health is an achievement, while wellness is a concept that is always available for the rest of someone’s life.

Having an elderly around, do you lead others in ways it affects your health? Did you stop exercising after you finished college? Did you stop watching what you ate when you became a senior partner in your firm? Do you like so much sleep, love consuming fast food, and let yourself go whenever you have the chance?

The results of all I’ve mentioned above could be affecting your mental state of wellness. If you are engaged in doing all of those things, you will notice that finding balance becomes way harder than you think.

It is essential to make sure that all the older adults around you are mentally and physically well. They need to get care in all aspects of their lives. These include their spirit, body, and mind. We should expect all leaders to show compassion and care through respectful, fair, and dignified treatment. This would help their self-sense increase and help their living ability become better by the day.


Importance of Health and Wellness for the Elderly 

Everyone deserves to be healthy and well. Especially adults and the elderly. We all need to pay attention to the things which bother us. The way we live our lives. The type of people we interact with. Are we in toxic relationships with people? That has a high rate of reducing our feelings of wellness significantly. Apart from not getting diseases, we all know that helps us remain healthy. And that’s what everyone already talks about. A lot of people don’t talk about or converse about things that stress them mentally. That’s wrong. We need to deal with all these things to help people, especially the elderly, feel better and, in other words, increase their wellness rate.

If you have an elderly in old homes, make sure you always visit them and create time to spend with them. It does not take anything to do that. They would be grateful, happy, excited, and trust me; they would feel better than people their age. But if you abandon them and leave them in the hands of strangers forever, this would drain their wellness rate rapidly.