When you look at your tongue what comes into your mind? Probably not the fact that your tongue could be telling what could be going on in your body system. Well, it may be surprising to find out that your tongue actually can tell you how healthy or how unhealthy you are. For example, the color of your tongue could tell if you have some sort of nutrient deficiency as iron or an illness like diabetes. let’s go through some of the colors your tongue could display and what it actually could mean to your health.

  • White patches:

 This could happen as a result of an overgrowth of yeast and thrust which is called oral candidiasis which could be because of a lack of personal hygiene. To resolve this, try brushing your teeth more often. If it’s still the same way, it’s most likely a result of the overgrowth of candida. You can treat this using an antifungal drug

  • Bumps:

This could be caused by some manual things you do to your mouth like smoking and biting. It could also be a result of a stress ulcer. It really isn’t really something of serious concern. You can try simple home remedies like chewing mint leaves, Gatling warm water mixed with salt or even eating softer cooler foods like yogurt and avoiding foods that could trigger it like hot fried foods. If needed, see a dentist.

  • Red and white spots:

This is quite common and requires no treatment. There is nothing to worry about because it only indicates that your taste buds have worn down.

  • Black and hairy looking:

Some of the causes of the black and hairy-looking tongue could be poor oral hygiene, yeast infections, cancer therapies, or even diabetes. The Hairy look is formed as a result of the build-up of dead skin cells on the tongue. To get rid of this improve your oral hygiene by brushing your teeth more frequently you can also use tongue scrapers if needed.

  • Very red:

Having a very red tongue could mean that you lack some vital nutrients such as iron, B12, and folic acid. It could also mean that you suffering from a fever or strep throat. This talks more about your overall health and to treat this, a supplement or medication is mostly required.

  • Webbed and stripped: 

Stripped or webbed tongue is a result of your immune system attacking your cells. It’s an inflammatory condition known as oral lichen planus. This condition should be monitored because it could put you at risk of getting mouth cancer. The best way to treat this is by practicing healthy oral hygiene which includes brushing more often and avoiding foods that could irritate your tongue like tobacco.


You can also try out the Dr. Tungs tongue cleaner. It helps to clear off harmful bacteria from the tongue and also restore good breath. It’s also recommended by dentists.



What goes on outside our body is a reflection of what’s actually going on inside. Taking care of our tongue is also very important. It doesn’t just show our personal hygiene, but it can also tell how healthy or unhealthy you are inside.