Why My Garage Door Opens By Itself

You could be living your life in peace, and you’ll suddenly notice your garage door opening by itself. This may seriously unnerve you. Even when no one is home, it may open and close by itself. This could also give strangers a way to enter your home, putting the safety of you and your family at risk.

There are several steps you could take if you experience this problem. Keep reading to find out why my garage door opens by itself, and why yours may do the same thin, and how to prevent it.

Why My Garage Door Opens By Itself: Prevention and Strategy

1.     Change the garage door batteries.

The garage door could be broken, because the batteries in it are dead. This could be tested by using the transmitter that is usually attached to the garage door. If this works and your remote isn’t working, then simply change the batteries and your garage door should be working properly now.

2.     Check if the buttons on the garage door are gumming to each other.

At times the garage door could open because the buttons on the garage door opener are sticking together. If they keep getting glued, the innate pressure could be triggering the device, making a transmission to the receiver. So make sure you check all of the garage door buttons to know if they are sticking or not.

If they are sticking, then you should consider changing the device and pressing them using caution gently. Make sure the buttons don’t get stuck after you are closing the door.

3.     Check if there is a surge in power, which can scrabble your code.

This is also another issue that could make the code necessary for transmission to be scrambled. Most times, this occurs because of a surge in power in the system. One might need to change the garage door code opener. A rogue signal could be interfering with the receiver which is making it open. This could happen if a neighbor or house close-by uses similar code to free their garage door.

This code can be changed simply by changing the code on your unit. Normally this could be done by hitting a learn button on your home unit and put in a new code with the keypad that’s on your system, and then you pair it with your remote.

Older systems do not have a keypad, and they need you to use your body to move the switches inside the remote to match the ones present in your unit.

If after changing the code and it doesn’t work, your garage door issues could need serious electrical work before your system would be repaired.

4.     Check out for problems associated with wiring.

Most times, this could be caused by a wiring issue. You need to get an electrician to check out all the necessary wiring. Also, make sure the safety sensor is checked. This causes your door to let loose surprisingly.Good luck fixing your garage door!