Woodworking Gifts for Baby That You Can Make at Home

Basic woodworking activities are fun things to do with your family, because they are really great teaching tools when done safely. You can take your teens out for a walk to find leftover wood scraps, twigs, or branches, and teach them what the different woods are used for in woodworking. Together, there are woodworking gifts for baby that you can make at home. As you read along you’ll see some of these crafts.

5 Woodworking Gifts for Baby That You Can Make at Home

Twig ABC’s

This woodworking gift is quite simple. This aspect of woodworking fits in for those kids who are not yet familiar with the alphabet. You can create all letters from A to Z using your toolkit. You can easily break or cut a twig in order to get an accurate shape you’re yearning for. If your child is familiar with the alphabet, then you can practice reading and writing simple 3-letter words with them.

Colorful Wind Mobiles

This is another easy woodworking project that you can make for your baby at home. It has a few materials needed to carry out the task required. This project creates a beautiful mobile to hang outdoors and also teaches kids the basic concept of engineering. This is a great way to use up your yarn scraps around your house or area. When your child becomes the world-famous engineer, he or she will see the need to thank you immensely for the inspiration you gave.

Leftover Sculptures

Is your house run by leftover wood from other home projects? Use it to help your kid have a blast painting and coloring. You’ll love to see the creativity in your child and see how they can put pieces of wood together with tape, rope, nails, silly putty, or other materials. You’ll be able to see how nice and creative your kids are.

Tie It All Together

This particular fun project is perfect for all ages, it can be done at home, at a beach or even in school.  You can go for a short walk or even out of your backyard to get some sticks of different lengths. When this is brought to your kid, let him or her tie up the wood together. Then see how creative and constructive your kids turn out to be.

My Mermaid Friend

Go to your craft store, collect all you require to help your kids create these spoon-based wooden mermaids. With yarns and sticks of different colors and lengths, your kid can make a mermaid that looks really beautiful. You can as well get quirky colors to create mermaids some green or blue hair. With this, you’ll be able to see how creative your child is.

Get to work and have fun with your kids!