Woodworking Your Plant Stand

This article would be talking about ways with which one can woodwork their very own plant stand. But hold up, what’s a plant stand if I may ask? Let me talk about that a little bit before I carry on.


What is a Plant Stand?

From my basic understanding, a plant stand refers to a stand-in which one could keep a lively and lovely plant and watch them grow. These plant stands are also necessary to keep a place and make that place look awesome, beautiful, and epic. Without having a plant stand, if you want to keep a plant of yours in your living space, it is going to cause you a lot of trouble. This trouble comes because the plant would have its roots messing up your living space. It wouldn’t be okay because no one wants to have horrible looking sands and stuff in places like their rooms and parlors. That would bring nothing but ants and other rodents which would end up causing bacteria and other forms of horrible diseases.


List of different types of the woodwork for plant stands 

  • West Elm That’s Inspired by Hey There home. 

These stands used for plants were inspired by the ones from West Elm. They have this middle modern style which could be created in about an hour. These plans are just for a single size which could simply get altered to look shorter or taller.

  • Copper Round Plant Stand

These two plants are available in the copper plant stand.

These copper piping are used instead of normal wood to create simple DIY stands for plants. These are unique projects which one could complete in about thirty minutes. They would look wonderful on their own or when they get mixed with some wooden stand.

  • White Plant Stand 

This beautiful plant stand has a fine clean shape but this leans a little more contemporary than all the other ones. There are diagrams, building instructions that could take you all through every step. You could stain or paint these to your color preference.

  • White Plant Stand from Jaime Costiglio

This is a plant stand that is quite tall and it looks great on your front porch. You could stain them or paint them and bring them into your house for a beautiful color pop.

  • RawEdge Concrete Plant Stand

This raw edge concrete plant stand sits pm some painted dowels. This paint takes you through all the steps. These also make the concrete look round for the top part. If you like this you need to check out other concrete planters.

  • Raw Edge Concrete Plant Stand gotten from Lily Ardor 

This is a wooden plant stand which you could put in your living room.

You could organize this beautiful plant stand based on the types that have been seen from the pages of designer catalogs. For less than ten dollars m these have large bases. These would be reasons why it could hold very big pots without any stress.